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*Please read disclaimer before purchasing:*

We will not be responding to questions via email or DM regarding Sample Sale. This Q + A is extremely thorough and important to read to ensure a flawless shopping experience:)

*All Sales Final*
No refunds, exchanges or store credit
Orders may not be canceled, changed or edited after order is placed.
It is important that you double check which package number you wish to order, BEFORE checkout so you receive the items you were hoping for.
Again, please read the details below so that you are properly prepared to shop.

Why are you hosting this Sample Sale?
This Sample Sale is our way of minimizing waste and offering incredibly affordable prices simultaneously.

Eliyasland is a happy place where we strive to bring joy in any way we can.
Aside for creating Joy-Sparking frocks and frills, we are passionate about donating to reputable women’s charities and reducing environmental waste.

Behind the fashion world scenes, material waste is a grim sight.
Eliyas is a small business, but large in heart; we work feverishly to do right by our community and our planet.
If we can minimize waste and offer a fantastically, fun sale with mind blowing prices- well, we can’t think of anything more Eliyasland-esque

*Question: *
What are these products?
*Answer: *
Items that fall under one or more of these categories-
• Near perfect products which may include slight markings, minor sewing imperfections or size inaccuracies. This is the most common category.
• Single samples we did not put into productions
• Singular Products in mint condition that are not available on our website
• Mint condition products from previous seasons

How will I know what imperfections are on the products I want to purchase?
Short Answer: You won’t.
There are two things to consider
1. Many of these imperfections require examination to determine
2. Prices will reflect the products condition - and then deduct another large percentage

The prices were all calculated at our discretion based on the most problematic piece in that category.
Which means, the odds of you receiving a practically perfect product is much higher than not.

Our team juggled the idea of an Online Sample Sale for months. Because the prices are so low, it would not be sustainable for us to invest more employee time and company finances to put this sale online. Under that domain would mean team members spending hours examining each item.
As we record the package products and details, if there is a blindingly obvious flaw that we notice, we will address it.
Our intention is not to hide anything and the prices speak proudly to that.

Can I order multiple packages?
Girl, order ‘em all! No limits

If I order multiple packages, will I have to pay shipping on all??
Initially, but check out- Yes.
Do NOT email us to combine packages.
If we see multiple orders by one customer:
We will automatically condense orders and refund any outstanding shipping balance.
You place 5 orders. (Yeah, in my mind you were on your game!)
Based on the size of the garments, we are able to condense these 5 order into 2 packages, we will refund 3 remaining shipping chargers.

Will you be offering any pick up locations for our packages?

Will products be tried on so we can see the fit?
For an additional fee of full price, sure.
I JEST. But no, there won’t be try on videos.
Try on videos are surprisingly time consuming and because we are keeping prices as low as possible, that means we are keeping this as simple as possible.
Helpful Tip: Review our highlights on IG! We have an abundance of sizing and product videos so you can get to know our products, how they move and fit.
We want you to get great prices- but we also want you to love and live in these pieces as you would a well planned splurge!



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