Styling Made Simple: Summer Wedding

There is something so enchanting about a summer wedding.
The simmering sunset, magical music, sipping on bubbly. 
And of course, the dress. It’s always about the dress, right? 
Curating this collection put me in such a sweet, whimsical state of mind that I want to bask in forever. 
When styling any outfit, I like to think of the dress as the main character- and then the styling and accessories as the props, supporting actors and playlist.  

We are still in the looming shadows of Covid-19 and the style trends feel more low-key, natural, I-did-not-go-to-the-salon-because-masks-make-me-sad look. I have a feeling my Eliyas girls prefer this look year round ;)

Let's break it down.  

The Dress: Flowy, floral. Silk, sweet. Beaded and embellished. Basically anything a 6 year old girl would be jealous of. Trust me, you will not look like a toddlers and tiaras contestant. The juxtaposition with the undone hair and makeup will bring the iconic, cool girl factor. 

All Eliyas Vintage, available 7.20


Makeup: Natural, sun-kissed, thick brows. No salon, remember? 

{Photos: Pinterest}


Hair: Keeping with the natural theme, embrace the look you woke up with! Tame it a bit if needed, or an easy pin back. If you wear a wig, my request is always "Make it look like I did it myself".  Any hair accessories should seem like you found them lying around in your house and nothing too glitzy. A ribbon tied into a bow or a simple gold clip. 

{Photos: Pinterest}


Shoes: It's hot and we are either sitting or dancing- a lot of dancing, I hope. Let's go with a romantic flat shoe, or kitten heel at most! Mules are the perfect way to keep cool and casual. Since I'm basically encouraging slippers at a wedding, the key is texture or glitz! Think fancy feet ;) If you are dead set on a sky scraper heel, mess up your hair a little extra, deal?

Shoes: (top left) Zara, Brock, Brother Vellies, Cult Gaia 


Jewels: Simple, dainty, layered. That one statement cuff or necklace is too bold and heavy for the summer heat. If you are wearing your hair up, do huge earrings and no other jewelry. Fine, I'll allow a ring with it. Max two. See, I'm easy going. 

{Photos: Pinterest}


Bag: It's easy to be more daring with a bag, because it isn't physically attached to your body. Try something dreamy that tells a story. Either an interesting texture, print or even a whimsical shape. 

Bags: (top left) Fendi, Sleeper, Loeffler Randall, Loewe


If you are more of a minimalist, work with monochromatic pieces. Mixing textures is what will create a minimal look vs feeling just plain. But listen, the most important element of any outfit is that it feels like YOU. You need to feel like your wonderful, gorgeous, confident self. Put your own spin on these ideas, I encourage it! And pleease send me pictures so I can swoon all over you. Thanks, love.

Visit my Pinterest profile to see the board "Summer Wedding Style" for more ideas.



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