Tips and Tricks for Shopping Vintage Online

Welcome to Eliyas Vintage!

At Eliyas, we want our girls to treasure their vintage gems forever. We dream of the timeless dresses you'll reach for over and over. And the precious, wild memories you'll create while wearing them.

The beauty and intimidation of vintage is that it is all one of a kind-


So, how do you shop for these unique treasures, while staying cozy on the couch?

Here are some quick tips and tricks to an effortless shopping experience. We love to chat, so feel free to email us any questions you may have that we did not cover :)


Whenever you’re online shopping for vintage clothing, the most important thing to have are your main three measurements—bust, waist, and hips. Figure out which one of these is the real defining factor when it comes to clothing—for an hourglass shape, for example, the worry is never the waist measurement but instead the hips. 


With vintage pieces, there is no 100% guarantee of the fit. Having the vision to add little tweaks or updates to the fit, is key. You always want to make sure that there is room in the measurements for what to work with if need be. A little nip, tuck, adding of a button, or removal of a cuff, can transform the whole outfit. Always take care, to look at the fabric content and detailed pictures, to see if there is stretch. If a fabric or waist has no stretch, I recommend sizing up a bit. Remember you always rather taper in a garment, than having to take out, which is more risky and difficult.


It helps to go in with a clear idea of what exactly you’re looking for. Knowing what silhouettes work best for your body type will narrow down your search significantly. I know an elastic waist is a safe bet for me, but that might be a no-go for you.

Also, think styling. Vintage is normally pre-owned and at least ten to twenty years old. The pieces will reflect it, so consider the shoes or accessories in your closet that you plan to pair with the vintage piece your coveting.
Most seasons I will buy one super trendy, affordable pair of shoes. It automatically updates any vintage piece I have, and there's no regrets at the end of the season when I'm already regretting the trend ;)
Zara usually has great looking of-the-moment shoes. 


Should you have a question about the fit of a garment, or need additional photos before you make your decision, message us at Although we cannot hold any items and may get sold before you make your decision, we also know the dread of an impulse purchase. Be specific with the questions you ask. My main question I ask when shopping vintage online is whether or not the fabric is itchy- my sensory girls understand this! Confirm details like colors, fabrics, and shapes, to make sure you know exactly what you’ll be receiving. As with all vintage everywhere, it's final sale ;)


There is one constant factor that will always apply when buying vintage, whether it be in a store or online: Risk for reward. It's not typical sizing and is always final sale, but the reward is owning a unique gem that will be a timeless constant in your closet.
When curating Eliyas Vintage, I only choose pieces I would wear myself or let a friend buy. This is how I choose when shopping for myself. I ask myself- are the odds in my favor?
1- Will it most likely fit me? and 2- Is this something I will regret passing up? 
I can always sell or pass along a piece to a friend or sister, but I can never go back and buy a one of a kind piece that sold out. 

Yes, I've passed along vintage items that didn't work out for me, and have had a few sitting in my closet that didn't get it's moment in the sun. But I will tell you this, I haven't regretted a single purchase I did make. And that is because I can list you every item I passed up that I'm still longing for. I say this as a friend, if you love something vintage- snatch it. Someone else will.

Man, I should've bought that tie-dye sweater dress in '07.

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