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Okay, why do we all love a graphic t-shirt? Why does it just scream cool girl who doesn't even try or think about being cool? The combination of a casual oversized t-shirt and vintage graphic reads: I woke up like this after spending the weekend with friends at an iconic concert. Were we at an iconic concert? No. Does our outfit need to call us out on our snooze-fest of a weekend? Also, no.
If you only wear skirts that reach the knee (like myself) it's harder to execute the effortlessness of the whole graphic tee look. Here's my personal list of do's and dont's for styling a graphic t-shirt with a skirt.

Graphic T-shirt Do's and Dont's 

Do keep colors consistent. The most fool proof pairings are either when the graphics match your skirt, or the base of the shirt is monochromatic with your skirt.

Don't impulse buy a graphic T-shirt just because it is super cheap.
There are so many out there, in every price range. Take your time and find the right color, style and fit that you need. 

Do look for thinner fabrics if you plan to tuck in to avoid bulk.

Don't be afraid of bold colors! This is a fun look and a great opportunity to step outside your comfort zone

Do be inspired by Woodstock. Layered accessories, sneakers, worn-in booties, bandana thrown on the ankle or as a headband. 

Don't ignore the shape of the tee. If you plan to wear it untucked, go for a long straight cut vs boxy and short. 

Do size up! I always go two sizes up, especially when I need it to cover my elbows for modesty. 

Don't store them in the winter! There are so many fun ways to style bright graphic t-shirts for cold weather. Although I am already dreaming of those outfits, it's still pre-Labor Day. So let's save that for a part two blog post and enjoy the warmth of the moment.

Of course, an authentic vintage tee is the goal. Vintage is always the goal. But as a vintage curator, I can assure you that it is one of the hardest vintage items to score. To find the colors and fit that you want and then at an affordable price is so slim and unnecessary when there are so many non-vintage options available. Here are some stores I have found my favorite graphic t-shirts: Target, Free People, H&M, Anthropology and Missguided. 

Here is a breakdown of some looks seen on our Instagram feed that inspired this blog post.


Rolling Stone T-Shirt-

Free People T-Shirt-

Golden Hour Flirt Skirt-


Yosemite Boyfriend Tee-

Madewell Cardigan-

Teal Flirt Skirt-


Rolling Stone T-shirt-

Rolling Stone Pullover-

White Flirt Skirt-


Let us know your thoughts and if you would like a part two for winter in the comment section!



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