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Since I was a little girl, I would tag along with my mother to flea markets and thrift shops. As someone who loves, but is not a slave to fashion, I found a safe haven in vintage clothing. The timeless pieces that can be reworked each season allow me to be unique and trendy, without the allure of fast fashion. Vintage has a history, but it is where designers look for inspiration for the future. I've had the privilege over the years, of meeting famous designers, and their buyers. These relationships have taught me so much about how to curate powerful pieces that align with the current trends in fashion. 

I have had 7 wonderful years curating vintage, and am passionate about selling vintage as a story. I created Eliyas Label as a collection that works seamlessly with vintage. Mixing the old with the new is where true style can really shine. That’s why we give you both, on one website with one brand. Over the evolution of this brand, you will see how we style all the pieces and how they magically intertwine. 





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